Simblrs, I am sorry…

I have been inactive for a various of personal reasons. I’m sorry but I just haven’t really been awake long enough to sit down and play the sims and post them.

Just to let you know whats going on somewhat is I’m loosing weight like crazy. I don’t know why and I’m a small person as it is. I should weigh somewhere between 100-110 pounds. I currently weigh 84 pounds. I’m drinking tons of¬†protein drinks, taking vitamins, and smoking pot to get the urge to eat more. (Yes it does work for me like that, and I only do it on my days off of work.)

I literally am breaking down about my weight and I have no clue what to do, currently I make to much to get help from the state for medical, and I can’t afford medical on my own, and my job also doesn’t offer it. So I really can’t afford to go in.

I have tried searching the internet for tips on how to gain weight but I really can’t seem to find anything, It’s all about loosing weight, not on how to actually gain it.

I do eat 90% of the time I’m awake, but after 10 minutes of eating I just feel full and then don’t eat for about an hour. Doesn’t matter if its my favorite food, or if its just junk. Smoking pot helps me ignore that full feeling and just keep eating.

If anyone else has some suggestions on this I’m willing to listen. Thank you simblrs. <3¬†